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The oldest cliché in the promotion mix industry is that it’s a people business. Nevertheless it’s a particularly appropriate phrase to apply to us. We’re people who enthuse about our work, care very much about fulfilling our clients needs and wants and are proud of our achievements. Our success is measured by the results our clients achieved and by their loyalty to us.
CSSB is an independent, full service, advertising solution provider, analyzes marketing issues generate solution(s), effectively and efficiently manages the campaign activities we recommend.
We were formed in February 1997 and am a very young, flexible and dynamic solution provider. The foundations of this have been the extensive marketing experience of our individual executives.
To provide our clients with WORLD CLASS service both in the areas of effectiveness and efficiency.
To work with our clients to build BRAND EQUITY.
To provide world class service as a responsible & reliable agency.
To help build brand equity and provide value added services.
The senior executives in CSSB Group of Companies have vast trade marketing and promotional experience working around the globe for example Malaysia, China, United Kingdom, Taiwan and Thailand.
Group of Companies-Malaysia
Holding Company
Communications Superhighway (M) Sdn. Bhd.
Outdoor Development Productions
CSSB Outdoor Sdn. Bhd. CSSB Productions Sdn. Bhd.
Sales & Marketing
Event Management
CSSB Marketing Sdn. Bhd. CSSB Events Sdn. Bhd.
Group of Companies-International
Trade Marketing & Advertising Consultancy
Communications SuperHighway (HK) Ltd.
Trade Marketing Solution Provider
CSSB Jochnic (Beijing) Co Ltd
CSSB Jochnic (Shanghai) Co Ltd
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